Western Victorian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2014-2019

The development of this plan follows on from a long history of collaboration and strategic planning at a regional level in Western Victoria.  The 2008/09 Down the Track strategy set a production increase from 2.1b to 3b litres by 2020.  Filling the Glass (2012), an impact study of the drivers of historical milk production and future opportunities, recommended that profit, rather than production, should be seen as the key driver of investment in the industry.

The development of this updated Western Victorian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 was led by a Steering Committee with formal contributions from 70 industry leaders through individual consultations, workshops, and receipt of submissions.

This strategy does not seek to replace or duplicate the strategies or plans of individual businesses or organisations within the region. However, it is an industry wide strategy for Western Victoria, and seeks to focus on those things of value to us all, where priorities overlap and there is advantage to be gained from collective contribution and collaboration.  Its focus is only on those aspects of the industry over which some regional control or influence is possible, e.g.  on-farm applied research, development and extension, and collaboration between locally located processors, service providers and government agencies to produce local outcomes.

The Western Victorian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan includes an over-arching strategic priority of collaborative industry leadership, focusing on leadership and governance, the broader issue of business confidence and dairy’s relationship with the regional food and fibre industry.

The six strategic points align the strategy with Dairy Moving Forward (pre farm gate priorities) and the Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan for the “enabling infrastructure” strategic priority.

Strategic Priorities:        

1.       Collaborative industry leadership

5-year goal:                                Restore business confidence and establish a clear collaborative leadership

model, which celebrates success.

2.       People are number one

5-year goal:                Create an environment that recognised people as the number one priority and dairy farms as desirable places to work.

3.       Profitable farm business management

5-year goal:                                Build resilient, profitable farm businesses and make it socially acceptable to

talk about profit.

4.       Productive animals and feedbase

5-year goal:                Strengthen our competitiveness as a profitable dairy producer and lead the Australian dairy industry on animal welfare practices.

5.       Sustainable natural resources

5-year goal:                Close the management gap (in natural resource management) and demonstrate our ability to manage our natural resources sustainably.

6.       Enabling infrastructure

5-year goal:                Co-operate and advocate at a regional level to ensure appropriate infrastructure investment to facilitate industry growth.

To access an electronic copy of the plan click here.