Useful Weblinks

Here you can find useful links we have collected for our farmers. If you have any suggestions or would like use to include a link we have overlooked please contact us on (03) 5557 1000 or email

Thinking of Installing a feedpad?

Check out this newly launched site to assist in decisions around feed pad design and use.

Visit: Dairy Feed Pads


Bioscience and Dairy!?
A new website just launched by Dairy Futures CRC uses a range of digital media to bring to life how bioscience can benefit dairy farm businesses.

The website includes many new items describing the CRC’s projects from a farmer’s perspective. Highlights include two new short animations that tell the story of what bioscience means for pasture and animal breeding in the Australian dairy industry. The animations are located on the website homepage and can also be accessed directly via YouTube.Check out how Bioscience impacts on your farming:

Visit: Dairy Futures CRC


Production Inputs Monitor
Dairy Australia's 'production inputs monitor' contains a monthly update on a range of farm input costs, including hay, grain, fertiliser and water.

Key points:

  • Downward pressure on international feed grain prices
  • Domestic conditions continue to support local prices
  • Hay market waits on harvest quantity and quality
  • Further irrigation allocations

Visit: Production Inputs Monitor


The People in Dairy
The People in Dairy website provides important information about attracting and retaining people on-farm and within the industry. The site is designed to assist dairy farmers with building the people part of their business.

Visit: The People in Dairy