National Breeding System Interim Report

The Interim Report summarises the research findings and recommendations. As indicated with the recent August ABV release, the Task Force is recommending that

  1. The current APR is replaced by a new balanced performance index which is outlined in the report. This index aligns directly to farmer preferences expressed during Australia's Longest Farmwalk and the NBO survey.
  1. Two additional indexes are released to align to specific breeding philosophies. These indexes are a type weighted index and a health weighted index.

Published by DA and the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme

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Genomics for the Australian Dairy Industry

Published by:  ADHIS & DA
Introducing Genomics; Genomic selection; Progency testing;
Bull selection; impact of Genomics

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The Good Bulls Guide

Published by: ADHIS & DA
Sire selection; Traits; Displayabull

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InCalf Pack

Published by:  DA
This pack contains easy to use resources for
dairy farmers and their advisers to get cows in
calf as soon as mating starts regardless of
the farming system

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