Focus Farm Series

Focus Farm Manual ~ A guide to running Natural Resource Management Farmer Groups

Interested in being a part of, or looking to facilitate a focus farm group? The following report will provide information relating to focus farming and the commitments involved.

Focus Farm manual


Focus Farm Groups 2007-2008

The original objective of the Focus Farm project was to accelerate the rate at which dairy farmers embrace and execute Natural Resource Management (NRM). The Focus Farm project planned to achieve this objective by forming self-directed farmer learning groups that meet about ten times over three years to integrate environmental best practices with profitable and productive farming. DairySAT and whole farm planning (WFP) based on aerial photographs supplied and are used as a framework to develop group issues to address on farm actions. The group self directs much of its own learning but does this around the plans and action on one member’s farm; the Focus Farm.

Focus Farm Groups 2007-2008 report


Focus Farm Groups 2005-2006

In late 2005 early 2006, five focus farm groups were established throughout the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority. The following report contains the progress of these groups and demonstrates the implementation and benefits of Natural Resource Management on dairy farms.

Focus Farm Groups 2005-2006 report