Brucknell Creek Pilot Catchment Study

The Australian Dairy Industry’s production is at an all time high of more than 11m litres worth $3.25 billion after an unprecedented period of growth especially in Victoria and the South West Region. More than 50% of this product is exported. Sandy Murdoch, Australian Dairy Corporation managing director says “maintaining a very strong image as a ‘clean and green’ producer of dairy products is holding the industry in good stead in the current more difficult market environment.”

This project is designed to protect the green image of the South West and Australian dairy industry. The dairy industry has a national program, ‘Sustaining Our Natural Resources - Dairying for Tomorrow’. This program initially carried out the National Audit which set out a baseline for the dairy industry in 2001. Regional Action Plans were then put in place by all dairy regions including WestVic Dairy to address natural resource issues.

The Brucknell Creek Project initiated by WestVic Dairy and NRE is designed to progress parts of this Regional Action Plan, moving the industry towards an increasingly sustainable position. The Regional Action Plans were formulated with input from key stakeholders and this project is seen as being a continuation of a collaborative relationship in which the key stakeholders work together to achieve improved natural resource outcomes in accordance with their individual goals.

Brucknell Creek Proposed Project