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Lameness Factsheets
Lameness Guidelines
Interdigital Fibroma
White Line Disease

Lameness Survey

This project was conducted to evaluate the incidence of lameness in some dairy herds in Gippsland, Western Victoria and Queensland and farmer knowledge of causes, prevention and treatment. One hundred and fifty (150) Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews were conducted with dairy farmers who responded to an offer of a lameness poster in return for participating in the survey.

Lameness Survey report

CountDown DownUnder

CountDown DownUnder

Feeding Dairy Cows Manual

A manual used in conjunction with the Target 10 Nutrition Program.

Introduces some basic concepts in the nutrition of dairy cows and the terminology that you will encounter throughout the manual.

The main points in this chapter:

  • Cows are ruminants
  • The stomach of the cow has four chambers, the largest of which is the rumen
  • Cows are well adapted to a herbage diet
  • Cows need water, energy, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Feeding Dairy Cows manual


InCalf is a national learning program funded by dairy farmers through Dairy Australia. Now launching into its third phase, InCalf is working with dairy farmers and advisers to achieve measured improvement in herd reproductive performance.

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Reports and Publications available for Purchase or Download

InCalf Book

The InCalf Book is the “must-have” book for dairy farmers. It is a practical easy-to-use reference to help farmers as they strive to achieve measured improvement in their herd’s reproductive performance.

The InCalf Book is also useful for professionals providing advice to farmers.

It pulls together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility, drawing on InCalf’s extensive on-farm research project as well a huge number of experts.

Fertility Focus Report

The InCalf Fertility Focus Report is an easy-to-read single-page report that allows dairy farmers to compare with confidence the results of their herd’s reproductive performance year to year, with other herds and with what’s possible. It also helps identify priorities for action.

Herd Assessment Pack tools

The InCalf herd assessment tools help dairy farmers (and their advisers) investigate key management areas which affect herd reproductive performance.

Past and present herd performance and likely future outcomes can be assessed. Sound decisions based on potential economic benefits of management change can then be made.Some of the tools are common to all calving systems. Others are specifically for seasonal /split or year-round calving systems.

InCalf Web-TECH

InCalf-WebTECH is a web-based, technical resource that supports the The InCalf Book.

It will be valuable to dairy advisers who wish to look at the scientific evidence behind the messages embedded in InCalf’s resources.

Condition Magician

Body condition scoring in dairy herds

Bulls: Power up

Making sure you have enough bulls with your dairy herd this season is easier than ever with InCalf's new campaign Bulls: power up!

Heifers: Big girls XL

On most dairy farms the heifers won't cover their rearing costs until they reach their second lactation. If they don't get there they still owe you money when they are culled.

Having a feed plan for your heifers is as important as it is for your milkers.

AI: Doing it right

Getting a good result from AI is important to the farmers who buy semen and the businesses that sell it.

A good conception rate means semen is not wasted and herds get more AI calves.

Many DIY inseminators achieve conception rates 5-15% lower than professional technicians (InCalf 1996).

Only a small tweak in semen storage and handling, operator technique or farm protocol can improve performance on farm