Reducing Soil Acidity through Nutrient Management

What is it?

A dairy farming project focusing on managing the threat of soil acidification, improving soil health and boosting pasture productivity and profit. The project involves taking soil tests across each management zone of the farm, attending a workshop and preparing nutrient maps and an action plan with appropriate incentive support funding.

Why are we running this project?

To assist dairy farmers in managing the threat of soil acidification to their soils, pasture productivity and profit.

When will the project be operating until?

Future places in the project will depend on funding. The current round is scheduled to finish in May 2013. Should futher funding become available and you are interested in gaining a place in the project, please don’t hesitate to contact WestVic Dairy on 03 5592 2477.

How is the project being funded?

Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, Glenelg Hopkins CMA and WestVic Dairy

Who do i contact for more information?

Jeff Lawes on 03 5592 2477