The Regional Dairy Extension and Education Committee (REEC) exist to drive the best education and extension for dairy farmers in Western Victoria. 

REEC was established to provide leadership for the region’s efforts to develop its dairy people. In the original model that was endorsed by the regional dairy industry in Dennington April 2006 the REEC was to provide strategic direction for both the Extension Committee and the Education Committee (RexCom and REdCom).

The REEC did not fully implement this strategic role, but has achieved the following:

  • Concentrated on achieving the best education possible amongst a complex set of provider needs in Western Victoria
  • Considered the whole of industry direction that the Down the Track strategic plan provided, and the follow up People actions from Driving Down the Track
  • After the development of an effective Education Committee, (post Dennington 2008 and changes in the NCDEA terms of reference) the REEC took on driving the Dairy Careers initiative which has resulted in the first Dairy Careers Coordinator in Australia in February 2010

The dairy industry has a strategic direction in Down the Track (2009) and the formation of the People Development Council to provide the REEC with continued purpose.  REEC continues to recommend approaches to drive the positive image of dairy in the region and coordinating dairy careers as a response to the “People” prioritised actions in Driving Down the Track (2010-11).

REEC Plan 2012 is a small project with two elements

  • audit of the educational and extension programs run in the region in 2011
  • Development of a plan for extension and education in 2012

REEC Plan 2012 will guide the delivery of extension and education in the region and develop a Delivery Plan with support from the Regional Extension Committee, People Development Council, NCDEA and WestVic Dairy, to better integrate providers’ efforts to develop the region’s dairy workforce.