Profitable Feeding Systems

What is it?

Managing the three components of a dairy farm’s feedbase (home-grown feeds, bought-in feeds and how these are integrated within a feeding system and converted into milk) is a key driver of profit in the dairy farm business.  Many dairy farmers in western Victoria are not accessing the range of feedbase resources, tools and learning activities available. This project takes a different approach to address this ‘demand gap’. It aims to:

• Create awareness of the potential productivity and profitability gains from improved feedbase management,
• Perform a stocktake of all public and private feedbase resources, tools, learning activities and services currently being used in the region and identifying any gaps and opportunities to embed key messages in public and private service provider communications,
• Create awareness of feedbase extension resources, tools, learning activities and services that are widely available in the region,
• Stimulate dairy farmer interest and increasing demand and use of these resources, tools, learning activities and services,
• Improve collaboration amongst services providers working within the western Victorian region, and
• Provide better coordination of extension activities in the region so it simplifies dairy farmers’ choices of what can improve their feedbase performance

Why are we running this project?

The Profitable Feeding Systems project aims to:
1. Better integrate, coordinate and promote the provision of resources, tools, learning activities and services related to feedbase planning and management in the region, and;
2. Achieve practice changes in feedbase planning and management which result in improvements in feedbase performance measures on 120 dairy farms in western Victoria through coordinated feedbase extension planning and delivery across the region.

When will the project be operating until?

June 2015

Who do I contact for more information?

Project Officer- Liza Fahey

0408 141 820 or