Filling the Glass

Filling the Glass was an impact study of growth in the Western Victorian and southeast South Australian dairy industry designed to provide improved understanding of the likely pattern of growth,
its drivers and barriers, and a clear set of recommendations to facilitate growth.

The objectives of Filling the Glass were to:
1. Identify and learn from the drivers and impacts of historical growth
2. Develop the most likely future growth trajectories and the scenarios to achieve them
3. Identify and describe the likely impacts of each scenario
4. Provide a set of recommendations to government and the industry to facilitate growth

The final report allows the key regional stakeholders to understand the likely growth
patterns in the dairy industry, and the likely drivers and barriers to achieving that growth.

The improved knowledge and understanding developed from this project will continue to assist government and
industry to facilitate sustainable growth for the benefit of the whole region.

View the Executive Summary here

A copy of the full report can be emailed or posted out to those interested.  If you wish to receive a full copy of the report click here

For more information please contact Project Manager, Karen Wales at WestVic Dairy on 03 5592 2477