Driving Down the Track (DDTT)

What is it?

DDTT 2011-2014, is a three year program to develop a delivery plan and execute the top actions identified to deliver the Down The Track strategic direction. Industry working groups developed the first round of actions in February 2010 and these actions were reviewed and updated by representatives of all facets of the industry in May 2012.

Why are we running this project?

To drive investment from a diverse range of sources in delivering the actions that will help the industry to become more profitable and sustainable and long term encourage growth of the industry in the region. See reports listed below for further details.

When will the project be operating until?

June 2014

How is the project being funded?

Farmers, through their levy (Dairy Australia and WestVic Dairy), have been the core funders of DDTT to date with financial support received from Regional Development Australia, Gardiner Foundation, Warrnambool City Council, Murray Goulburn, Fonterra, Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, Moyne and Corangamite Shires.

Who do I contact for more information?

Project Manager Karen Wales, or Jocelyn Bevin at WestVic Dairy on 03 5592 2477


Down the Track Report
Driving Down the Track:  An action plan to grow the dairy industry in Western Victoria
Driving Down the Track: Progress wheel

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