Cow Health and Fertility

What is it?

In Charge Cow Health and Fertility is a dairy extension program that will develop material with Dairy Australia’s In Calf team to enable farmers to self- assess their current herd fertility and health and also provide material to be used in the In Charge program. In Charge will put together six groups of farmers over three years (2 per year) who will develop plans to improve their assessed cow health and fertility. In Charge will deliver 25 hour programs to each of the six groups which include two elements:
• 10 hours (two 5 hour sessions) of fertility and health self assessment programs and
subsequent planning to improve performance; and
• 15 hours (three 5 hour sessions) of improvement programs to acquire skills to
address the performance plan developed above
In Charge will provide an evaluation process with results communicated to all the region’s farmers.

Why are we running this project?

• To improve productivity and production in the region and to demonstrate response to farmer needs
• To improve the cow health and fertility performance on 60-90 farms in western Victoria.
• To develop a communication campaign to recruit participants
• Develop and deliver fertility and cow health “farmer” self-assessment programs to improve on-farm performance; and
• Provide program details, evaluations and data collection to the region’s farmers

When will the project be operating until?

In Charge Cow Health and Fertility is a pilot three year project, has been extended to be completed in 2015

Who do I contact for more information?

Project Manager, Liza Fahey on 03 5557 1008