Current Projects

Project Description Status Region
Filling the Glass
This project will aid the delivery of several top 10 DDTT actions. The project is an impact study of growth in the dairy industry in Western Victoria and south east South Australia

Smarter Energy Use on Australian Dairy Farms

A project to run until mid 2015 which will allow 295 regional farmers to access free energy assessments of their dairy plus a range of resources to assist them to implement actions to reduce electricity usage over time and become more energy efficient whilst providing them with assistance in working out what actions or infrastructure changes will deliver the best value in reducing energy use. Dairy farmers need to register with WestVic Dairy. Click on project title (left) to register and obtain more information including forms.

Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP)

A partnership with Timboon P-12 School to support the integration of agriculture and food technology into the curriculum across key learning areas, and in all year levels.  The aims of the TAP include improving student learning outcomes and retention; and increasing awareness of, attraction to and preparation for careers in dairy.

Promoting Dairy Careers

2014/15 is the final year of a project originally piloted in 2010 to coordinate Cows Create Careers and improve coordination of the effort in western Victoria to attract more career seekers to dairy.  The project includes curriculum-linked schools’ initiatives such as Maths & Science @ Work, and the TAFE taster program A Taste of Dairy.

Tactics for Tight Times

Dairy Australia and Regional Development Programs (RDPs) are working to collaborate with the wider dairy industry to deliver a coordinated and effective industry response to the seasonal and market conditions being experienced in most regions. 

Active South west Victoria
Dairy Awards

A $90k project that aims to reward the region’s high performers, tell farmers what that high performance is, the benefits of striving for it and improve dairy’s reputation in western Victoria. x

Innovation Day

A one day event for farmers and service providers to collect the most recent research findings from the previous 12 months. The project is a joint enterprise between DPI and WVD.

In Charge Financial Literacy

A three year project that has built on the initial 12 month pilot project that aimed to: a) Upskill 36 women farmers in three groups in planning for profit: and
b) Research how information is shared between members in the farm management team.
Managed and governed by WVD.

DairySage 2

A two year project to increase the capacity of 30 mentees and strengthening the Victorian dairy industry’s network. A project team of Karen Baum, Amanda Heard and Mike Weise formed in October 2010 to deliver three DairySage mentoring programs in Victoria and build a legacy for ongoing programs at the end of the current Gardiner Foundation (GGF) funding.

Driving Down The Track (DDTT)

An initial 24 month project (Stages 1 and 2 to June 2011) and now DDTT 2011-2014, a three year program to: Develop a delivery plan and execute the top actions identified to deliver the Down The Track strategic direction.


Communication is an on-going project that has multiple outcomes. Funding for this work comes from the Annual Operating Plan and described in the WVD Communication Plan (WVD Newsletter, the E-Loop Newletter, and briefings to the shires, Situation & Outlook workshops, attendance at field days and the web etc). There is a large amount of other communication work that includes the WVD name but is funded from within projects and will have an outcome specific to the project.

Soil Acidity

Continued work building on the 12 month pilot project (09/10) which provided 50 dairy farmers with soil tests to reduce the risk of acidic soils. The project was managed by the GHCMA but delivered to dairy by WVD, and has provided dairy with a model to continue this work into 2011-12.


Developing a young farmer network that improves the capacity of its members and provides the industry with a “youth” network. 

Coordinate Feedbase Extension

Every year the DPI deliver a set of Feedbase Extension programs to our region's farmers and this is to be supplemented by a new investment stream for Feedbase Extension from WVD (2011-14) called Profitable Feeding Systems.

Focus Farms

Focus Farms were developed following farmer's feedback to Dairy Australia and Westvic Dairy that they would like to learn about key profit drivers through discussions and hands-on experience.

WestVic Dairy's Focus Farms are supported by an expreienced farm consultant, who acts as a group facilitator, as well as a support/ideas group made up of farmers and service providers selected by the Focus Farm family.

Managing Business Transitions

Managing Business transitions is an extension and research project to assist farm businesses to plan and move from one business arrangement/structure to another e.g. from self operation to “employing” a share farmer, to improve their wealth and security.

Milk from Moisture

Milk from Moisture is an 18 month project to improve farmers' ability to adapt to more variable weather.


REEC aims to develop an extension and education delivery plan with the support of the REEC and REC that aligns with DMF and DTT.

Cow Health and Fertility

The Cow Health and Fertility project aims to improve cow health and fertility performance on 100 farms in western Victoria.

Profitable Feeding Systems

The Profitable Feeding Systems project aims to:
1. Better integrate, coordinate and promote the provision of resources, tools, learning activities and services related to feedbase planning and management in the region, and;
2. Achieve practice changes in feedbase planning and management which result in improvements in feedbase performance measures on 120 dairy farms in western Victoria through coordinated feedbase extension planning and delivery across the region.

Victorian Dairy Farmers View Simple Ways to Save Energy

The project draws on the experience of dairy farmers and service provders in implementing energy efficiency initiatives on their farm and share this knowledge with over 400 dairy farmers accross Victoria. It will produce five video case studies that provide practical guidance and advice, distributed on social media and DVD.

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