Tactics is a program that connects with farmers and brings together resources and practical advice that meets the needs of each region.

Delivered through Dairy Australia’s Regional Development Programs, it is proudly supported and funded by the Gardiner Foundation, the Australian Government, the South Australian Government, the Tasmanian Government and major dairy processors.

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Focus Farm data correction

In the October edition of DairyNews incorrect data was printed in error. View the correct October Focus Farm data charts.

New pay rates and updates for ESKi kit

Each year, the Fair Work Commission reviews the national minimum wage, pay rates under awards and the high income threshold. The Fair Work Commission has announced a 2.5% increase to minimum wages which will apply from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2015.

There has been no chance to superannuation payments, which will remain at 9.5% for 2015/2016 financial year.

As of 1 July 2015:

  • The new pay rates apply from the first pay period that starts on or after 1 July. For example; if your pay week is Wednesday to Tuesday, the new minimum wages start to apply from Wednesday 2 July.
  • Transitional pay rates no longer apply - pay rates, penalty rates and loadings are the same in every state and can be found in the Pastoral Award 2010, at www.thepeopleindairy.org.au
  • Superannuation payments remain the same at 9.5%

If you have recently negotiated a contract for an existing or new staff member, you must change the pay rates to ensure you are compliant with the Pastoral Award 2010.

What about your ESKi folder?

If you received your folder before July 2014, the Pastoral Award 2010 has been significantly updated.

Any changes made to your ESKi kits are sent electronically to the email address provided when you received your folder. If you have not received an electronic copy of the new changes, please download a printable version of the updated Pastoral Award 2010 to replace the version in your folder.

It is essential that you update the information in your ESKi folder so information referred to is current and compliant for your workforce practices.

If you have any queries please contact Karen at WestVic Dairy 5557 1000, 0428 086 807 or workforce@westvicdairy.com.au

Looking for a job in the Industry? Looking for an employee?

WestVic Dairy and Dairy Australia are excited to launch the Employment Made Easy (eMe) website in our region. The website allows dairy farm employers to register available jobs on an employment register that is specific to dairy farming. Through eMe both employers and job seekers can register their offers and skills, to help ensure suitable job and candiate matches .

The register operates through the website www.eme.org.au, so jump on the website and have a look around. Your feedback on this exciting new resource is also appreciated.

For more information, please contact WestVic Dairy on (03) 5557 1000 or call Karen Hart  on 0428 086 807.


Stepping Stones

Did you miss our Stepping Stones in Dairy on September 18, 2014? Don't worry! We have compiled the information of the day here for your convenience. Just click on the links and you will be able to access the powerpoint presentations.

Stepping Stones
Share farming

If you would like to get a copy of the Share Farmer Code of Conduct or Stepping Stones please contact WestVic Dairy on (03) 5557 1000 or email amanda@westvicdairy.com.au.