WestVic Dairy

WestVic Dairy Inc. is the western Victorian Regional Development Program and acts as the regional arm of Dairy Australia. As part of a recent restructure of the extension framework in Victoria, the responsibility for productivity extension in this region now lies with WestVic Dairy and as such it delivers activities and programs developed by DA and others. It is overseen by a local Board of Directors, which is controlled by dairy farmers and it works closely with DA to facilitate technology transfer for the advancement of the sector.

DA is the national services body for the dairy industry. Its role is to help farmers adapt to a changing environment in order to establish a profitable and sustainable industry. WestVic Dairy aims to accelerate the extent and rate of adoption of industry standard practices, new ideas and technology by farmers. Both DA and WVD are precluded by their charter, from agri-political activity which is the role of representational bodies, such as Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) and United Dairy Farmers of Victoria (UDV).

In recent years, DA has supported WVD through the centralisation of many administrative functions. WVD now focuses on extension planning, co-ordination and delivery for farmers. It has built up its capability through the employment of additional extension staff to provide a wider range of services to its stakeholders.

Our Vision

"A profitable, positive and valuable dairy industry in western Victoria."

Mission Statement

"With effective engagement, we will build confidence in our industry by enabling farmers to operate responsible and progressive businesses through quality research, development and extension."

Cows grazing paddock