WestVic Dairy

WestVic Dairy Inc. collects the priorities of the region's dairy farmers and allocates part of their service levy (collected by Dairy Australia) to those research and development priorities.  When the service levy is invested WestVic Dairy creates partnerships with other agencies and attracts other funds to make these priorities happen faster.  When the work is completed WestVic Dairy makes sure the findings are communicated to all dairy farmers to increase the profitability and sustainability of the region's dairy industry.

As WestVic Dairy’s capability has grown, the role it plays within the region has evolved.  A definition of the organisation’s role into the future is described below.

WestVic Dairy drives change in the south-west region for dairy farmers by:

  • Defining regional priorities for RD & E
  • Accessing, coordinating and delivering information research, development and education.
  • Attracting and allocating the levy and other funds to increase the speed and impact of change on south west regional issues
  • Promoting the industry and the region to other bodies.
  • Managing projects where there is market failure
  • Providing a conduit between organisations and support networks for farmers
  • Facilitating opportunities for non-political discussion among farmers

Cows grazing paddock

Our Vision

“To ensure that the levies collected from the dairy industry in south-west Victoria are directed to relevant research and development and the findings are communicated to all dairy farmers in south-west Victoria so as to increase the profitability and sustainability of the region’s dairy industry.”

Mission Statement

WestVic will be successful when:

Farmers recognise that their priorities are being addressed

  • South-West Victorian dairy farmers are driving the research agenda
  • WestVic Dairy is making progress on farmers priorities and taking action on emerging trends

Farm management is a process driven by objective business decisions

  • Farmers are making informed decisions about farm management practices based on their experience and the results of research
  • Dairy farmers are forward thinking and as a result are proactively managing their future

WestVic Dairy is proactively adding value to our regions farm businesses

  • Farmers seek information from WestVic Dairy to improve the profitability of their farms
  • WestVic Dairy research is producing measurable outcomes
  • South-West Victorian dairy farmers understand the benefits of their levy to dairy farming practice

Resources (human, physical and financial) are not limiting our performance

  • Sufficient resources enable a comprehensive research and education agenda
  • Competition for WestVic Dairy Board and representative positions
  • Greater leverage is possible due to a growing WestVic Dairy resource base

SW Victorians are leading the industry’s agenda

  • WestVic Dairy has a high profile amongst farmers and is positively influencing industry and government bodies
  • South-West Victorian dairy farmers are heavily involved in leading the Victorian and National industry.

Professional development is highly valued by our farmers

  • Farmers continuing to adopt new skills to keep abreast of industry developments
  • A knowledge and learning culture is growing in SW Victoria
  • A high skill base exists amongst the WestVic Dairy Board
  • Industry forums attract high farmer attendance
  • Wide uptake of research findings