The WestVic Dairy Board has developed a new three year Strategic Plan to create a profitable, positive and valuable dairy industry in western Victoria.

It is commited to build confidence in our industry by enabling farmers to operate responsible and progressive businesses through quality research, development and extension.

The four strategic priorities are:

Profitable dairy farms
To support farm businesses to be productive, sustainable and profitable

Capable industry people
To support farm businesses in the recruitment, retention and transitioning of personnel and in their training and skill development

Two-way communication and engagement
Open interaction with farmers and other stakeholders in outward communication of messages and through encouraging and responding to feedback.

Promoting a trusted and valuable industry
Contribute to an improved awareness by others of the value of the industry through demonstrating
collaborative leadership and social responsibility (DA takes the lead in many activities in this priority)

Our full Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020, can be accessed here.

A summary document can be found here.