Our Staff

Lindsay Ferguson

Regional Manager

WestVic Dairy is delighted to welcome Lindsay Ferguson as Regional Manager commencing Wednesday January 27, 2016.

Lindsay brings a wealth of experience and knowledge plus has a strong background in dairy-farming and successful farm business management. He was a senior lecturer at Glenormiston College for 14 years, leading the business management section.

Most recently, he was  Business Development Manager in the Barwon South West Region with Regional Development Victoria.

Email Lindsay: Lindsay@westvicdairy.com.au

Amanda Heard

Project Support Officer 

Amanda started work with WestVic Dairy in July 2010 as Administrative Support Officer and assists our many contractors with their respective projects. Amanda’s role includes organising catering for our events, taking RSVPs and making sure everything runs smoothly within the organisation. She is the friendly voice answering the phone at WestVic Dairy and is always happy to help our farmers.

Email Amanda: amanda@westvicdairy.com.au

Libby Swayn

Project Coordinator

Libby and her husband Rod run a dairy farm and Holstein Stud at Nalangil, outside Colac.
Libby is the coordinator of office operations such as HR, Finance, and Project Officer support.

Email Libby: libby@westvicdairy.com.au

Alexandra Lenehan

Community Engagement Officer

After moving to Australia from Germany, Alex studied journalism and literature at Deakin University. After completing her degree, she worked at WestVic Dairy before taking an extended maternity leave to look after her daughter. She returned in October 2016 and is currently working Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to look after WestVic Dairy's communication needs. She has a solid experience in media and communication and has been living on a dairy  farm in Garvoc for the last seven years, so has  good insight view of the regional dairy industry. 

Her responsibilies include the newsletter, flyers and general promotion of WestVic Dairy events.

Email Alex: alexandra@westvicdairy.com.au   

Liza Fahey

Project Coordinator

Liza is working on multiple projects such as Taking Stock and The Legendairy Ladies Luncheon. 

Email Liza: liza@westvicdairy.com.au


Laurie Hickey

Regional Extension Officer (Farm Business Management)

Email Laurie: laurie@westvicdairy.com.au


Michelle Muir

Regional Extension Officer (Workforce Planning)

Michelle was brought up on a sheep property on the northern edge of our region and is now dairy-farming with her partner at Simpson in the far south. Michelle studied Commerce/Law at Deakin Uni, Geelong and has been working in Warrnambool for the last 5 years as a lawyer dealing with a number of farming clients. She is also an accomplished journalist with a local rural paper.

Email Michelle: michelle@westvicdairy.com.au                                                                                                                                                  

Peter Gaffy 

Regional Extension Officer (Feedbase)      

Peter grew up on a dairy farm in Ardmona in Northern  Victoria and graduated from Dookie College with a degree in Applied Science Agriculture. After university Peter travelled  overseas on a 2 year working holiday visa in Europe. For the last 10 years Peter has been establishing strong working relationships in the dairy industry as a milk supply officer, first in in Tasmania, then Gippsland and for the last 4 years in south west  Victoria.

Peter is excited about his new role and is keen to see discussion groups flourish in south west Victoria. Having been an active support group member of 2 different Focus farms in Gippsland, Peter has had firsthand experience and knows the real value that can be found for all participants in these groups. Peter is keen to hear from you about what is happening on your farm and what he can do to help support profitability into the future.

Peter calls Allansford home with his wife Fiona and daughter Lucy.    

Email Peter: Peter@westvicdairy.com.au                                                                                                                                                    

Blair Summerville

Regional Extension Officer (Animal Performance)

Blair grew up on a dairy farm in south east Queensland and always had a strong interest in the dairy industry, particularly animal health. Blair attended Vet School at the University of Queensland and graduated in Veterinary Science in 2006. He then worked in a cattle practice in Smithton, North West Tasmania, for 5 years. Chasing a sea change, Blair moved to Warrnambool to work in a dairy Veterinary practice and gained excellent exposure to the local dairy industry from Simpson to Hawkesdale.  

As well as taking part in herd health programs with farmers, Blair has also completed extra study in ruminant nutrition, which enabled him to take on a farm consultancy role in the last couple of years as well as working as a cattle vet.  Blair joined the WestVic Dairy team in June this year as an extension officer, with a focus on animal health, nutrition and productivity. Blair and his wife intend to permanently call the western districts home and look forward to working with dairy farmers in the area as much as possible.  

Email Blair: Blair@westvicdairy.com.au