Production Data

South West Victoria is a well established dairying area that has experienced good growth in milk production in recent years. The industry regionally employs on the farm and processing areas more than 7,400 people.   

Milk accounts for approximately 50% of the value of all agricultural commodities produced in the region. Dairy Exports from the region through Melbourne Ports is to be 131,735 kg and valued and estimated to be valued at $687m.

  • Average herd size -------- 219.3 cows
  • Litres per cow ------------- 6282 litres
  • Butterfat kg per cow ----- 250kg
  • Protein kg per cow ------- 208kg
  • Milk-solids per cow ------ 440kg
  • Average stocking rate --- 1.2 to 2.0 cows/ha

There are 15 dairy factories in the region including milk processing, dairy product manufacturing and milk collection plants.  The major companies operating in the region include:

Murray Goulburn Co-operative
Fonterra Milk Australia
Warrnambool Cheese and Butter
Dairy Farmers
National Foods