Investment opportunities

For a comprehensive overview of the investment opportunities in the region, please see A Guide for investors- Dairy farming in South West Victoria, which can be found HERE

Why choose South West Victoria?

- Profitability
- Capital growth*
- Productive fertile soils
- Reliable rainfall, temperate climate
- Highly suited to efficient pasture production
- One in six dairy farms have irrigation
 - Reliable feed supply
- Competitive input prices – land/ feed
- Access to specialist dairy services: Vets, shed repair, contractors, consultants, finance, skilled factory (processor) field officer
- Access to quality research and extension
- Over thirteen milk buyers competing for milk supply,
- 70% goes to domestic markets
- Exciting, dynamic region with massive export opportunities in South East Asia
- Alternative land use options – conversion potential widespread
Great coastal lifestyle and close to airports

* Land prices have risen 5.6% per annum on average over the past 20 years.